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24/7 Emergency Response Line 1 888 762 4667
1 888 762 4667
24/7 Emergency Response Line

About - Pario

Pario Engineering and Environmental Sciences assists clients with understanding the root cause of system, material, building failures, and environmental losses, and documents liability determination, subrogation opportunities and remediation.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of Electrical, Mechanical, Material, Chemical, Environmental and Civil Engineers performing Forensic Engineering services and supporting the consumer, commercial, and insurance industries. Our team of Geologists, Project Managers, and Environmental Scientists provides full-service environmental consulting, specializing in emergency spill response and management, site assessment, contaminated site remediation, hazardous materials identification and management, peer review and subrogation support. We provide our clients with options, costs, timelines, implications and recommendations for remediation to assist in selecting the most appropriate approach to file closure. Additionally, we offer focused and responsive consulting service to the insurance, risk management, transportation, and legal industries.

For further information and general inquiries, please contact or call us toll free at 1.888.762.4667.

Our Vision

To become the national market leader of engineering and environmental remediation services for the insurance and risk management market.

We take pride in offering these values to our clients and employees:


As a multi-disciplinary team of specialists, Pario staff works in collaboration with all departments that are needed to get the job done. This provides a one-stop-shop for our clients and allows our staff the opportunity to work together with other disciplines and add value to the clients experience with Pario.


Our clients have access to their file at any point and we welcome any questions at any time. Our staff also enjoys transparency with regards to the state of the company, its future, and their place within it. This makes for much more engaged staff that are better able to serve our clients.


We understand that responding to an emergency needs to be done as soon as possible and our staff is able to get out to emergencies within a very short period of time. This means that evidence and site conditions can be adequately documented and emergency actions can be taken immediately.


Pario understands that responsibility to a file goes beyond the point when the file is closed. Our evidence logging and document filing procedures allow us to provide full accountability for the work done under our brand. Our document and evidence storage are leading edge in the industry because we understand our clients’ needs. Pario takes the protection of our clients’ data as paramount. Our Information Technology systems are state of the art with the highest level of security and redundancy in place to ensure that our client is protected from any level catastrophe using real time offsite mirroring.


The opinion of the Pario staff is valuable to all levels of management for the development and growth of the organization. We encourage all staff to engage in the training needed to further their skills and to have the latest equipment that can help them conduct the work in the best manner possible. We strive to make Pario a great place to work because we understand that a happy workplace leads to a happy client.