Pario’s Ankit Kumar and Mehdi Mirzazadeh Receive their Professional Engineer Designations

04 September 2020

All of us at Pario wish to congratulate Ankit Kumar, Junior Forensic Engineer, and Mehdi Mirzazadeh, Structural Forensic Engineer, for receiving their Professional Engineer (P.Eng) designations.

Ankit completed a Bachelor of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering with a Management Science option, at the University of Waterloo. Ankit began his professional career with Mitchell Plastics as a Program Manager. In this role, he managed automotive interior assembly—from concept design to start of production—for Audi, Ford, and GM. Before joining Pario, Ankit then worked with Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., where he was a Project Manager responsible for ensuring cohesion between sales, engineering, and operations for all assigned accounts. 

During his time with Pario, Ankit has worked extensively in Motor Vehicle Reconstruction. Consequently,  he has gained specific expertise in post-collision vehicle inspections, site examinations, black box data downloads and analysis, and vehicle and scene documentation using the Faro Focus 3D scanner. He has also investigated numerous cases of slip and fall, helping assess human factors and building code compliance in terms of design, construction, and illumination.

Originally from Tehran, Iran, Mehdi Mirzazadeh completed his Bachelor of Applied Science degree at Tehran Central Azad University, and his first Master of Applied Science (MASc.) degree, from the University of Science and Research. After emigrating to Ontario, Canada, Mehdi then earned his second MASc., in Mechanical Engineering (Solid & Structural Mechanics) from the University of Waterloo, and his Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from Queen’s University.

With such an extensive educational background, Mehdi has been involved in an array of fields, including the mechanical design of refrigeration/HVAC and fire protection systems, and the structural design and assessment of environmental chambers, reinforced concrete members, thermal power plants, and moveable/swing truss bridges. Mehdi even received the Sustainable Engineering Award from NSERC in 2014.

While in Iran, Mehdi was certified as a Forensic Engineer, a designation conferred by the Iranian Bar, qualifying him as a representative of the courts. On behalf of said courts, he conducted technical investigations and analyses on the failure of engineered components and prepared reports for the courts.

Now, as a Forensic Engineer with Pario, Mehdi performs the same technical investigations and analyses for his clients, allowing them to quickly and accurately assess coverage, determine liability, and settle disputes. Mehdi’s work is focused on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, bridges, and structural members. He performs extensive engineering assessments, structural analysis, and redesign of damaged structures based on Provincial and National Building Codes.

“Pario is incredibly proud of the dedication that Ankit and Mehdi have put forward to accomplish their career goals,” says Mark Milner, Vice President of Engineering. “Please join me in congratulating them on this remarkable accomplishment.”