Pario Gives Back at St. Patrick's Day Social

14 March 2016

Pario Engineering and Environmental Sciences took part in a recent St. Patrick's Day Charity Social for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Pario Engineering & Environmental Sciences Enhances Expert Services and its Management Team

01 October 2015

Pario Engineering & Environmental Sciences (Pario) has appointed three senior professionals to its team.

The Boys Like To Build

11 September 2015

Ever since they were young, Martin and Ryan liked to tinker with things. Take them apart, and sometimes even put them back together.

Applying Biomechanics to Assess Efficacy of Helmets Use for Concussion-Related Incidents

20 July 2015

Mild traumatic brain injury (more commonly known as concussion) presents a growing concern both within sports and throughout society.

Radon Gas – A silent killer

11 June 2015

Radon has become a growing concern for home owners. To fully understand the issue with Radon, you must know a little about where it comes from. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive noble gas that is an indirect decay product of uranium, one of the most common radioactive elements.