An Environmental Hygienist - Your worksite's best defence against COVID-19

A Registered Industrial Hygienist works to provide valuable assistance at all stages of assessment and abatement of pathogen decontamination, and has the knowledge, competence and experience required to provide sound guidance.

How valuable?

By evaluating a site, and quantitatively validating the results of cleaning and disinfection efforts, you can be confident that your cleaning efforts and expense are as effective and cost-efficient as possible.

By confirming that your protocols, procedures and risk-mitigation measures are effective, you can continue to conduct business, while protecting your staff and serving your clients, with the confidence that comes with following expert advice and science-based documentation.

An Industrial Hygienist provides you with:

  • Specialized technical expertise and knowledge to direct efficient and effective cleaning and disinfection.
  • Third-party, independent oversight and evaluation of cleaning efforts.
  • Improved safety and reliability for both the cleaning crew and your workforce.
  • Reduced liability for property owners hiring contractors.
  • Technical oversight and troubleshooting of cleaning methods to improve the process and confirm that future work is conducted effectively.
  • Verification of cleaning and disinfection methods and efficacy.

In times of uncertainty, look for information you can trust. An Industrial Hygienist is specifically learned and skilled in the best practices for preventing or reducing the risks of bio-contaminants and other physical, chemical and biological workplace threats.

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