How an Environmental Hygienist evaluates a worksite

An Industrial Hygienist, like the experts in the Pario Engineering & Environmental Sciences Environmental Hygiene Team, helps to determine your site’s level of risk. They are specifically skilled and qualified in best practices for minimizing workplace risks posed by bio-contaminants and other pathogens.

Here is some of what they evaluate, in accordance with industry best practices and guidelines:

  • Facility size and layout.
  • Inventory of touchpoints and frequency of exposure.
  • Existing controls, protocols, practices and methodologies.
  • Type of activities and equipment used.
  • Design and spacing of workstations.
  • Material composition, including ease of cleaning.
  • Cleaning methodologies and efficacy of cleaning products.
  • Frequency of cleaning and commonly missed surfaces.
  • Whether the ventilation system is isolated to the subject space, etc.
  • How many people enter the facility, and when.
  • The frequency of facility visitation.
  • Whether the facility is open to the public.
  • Whether there have been suspected or confirmed cases.

Based on this information, and years of experience in biocontamination, biohazards, infection control, and pathogen assessment and abatement, the Industrial Hygienist determines the level of risk and the appropriate disinfection precautions and procedures.

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