Wise Words From an Electrical Engineer

Taraneh “Tara” Kazerouni, P. Eng., PMP, joined Pario Engineering and Environmental Sciences (Pario) as an Electrical Forensic Engineer in 2018, to further expand Pario’s Commercial and Industrial line of business. Tara believes that, in the case of a claim, an experienced Electrical Forensic Engineer can be invaluable.

First and foremost, an Electrical Forensic Engineer can assist in determining the cause and origin of an incident, while also identifying possible opportunities for subrogation. This information can directly affect the claims in cases where human error, defective equipment, design and manufacturing issues, incorrect installation (which includes regulatory code or standards not being met), lack of maintenance, or failure to follow maintenance procedures are involved.

“There has been an increase in recent years in electrical incidents,” says Tara, “…especially in the Greater Toronto Area. I believe that much of this is due to lack of maintenance and regular inspection.” Indeed, two recent fires in downtown Toronto (260 Wellesley and 650 Parliament) inspired John Tory, Mayor of Toronto, to issue this warning: “The message to landlords…should be clear. Make sure your buildings and their electrical systems have been inspected and brought up to safety and a state of good repair immediately, for the safety of your tenants, and to avoid the worst-case scenarios.”

Tara further explains that a lack of maintenance can be determined by a visual inspection of the electrical system, looking for accumulation of dust, dirt and oil on the equipment; loose electrical connections; the condition of equipment enclosures; inadequate and/or defective insulation of the cables; or signs of water infiltration on the equipment.

An Electrical Forensic Engineer can also witness the testing of electrical equipment following a flood, fire or failure to ensure the system is safe to power up, advise on the decision to repair or replace damaged electrical equipment, review quotations and invoices to ensure expenditures are reasonable, and recommend maintenance and inspection schedules to be performed by qualified personnel.

As an expert witness, an Electrical Forensic Engineer can provide opinions and testimony for legal cases, such as investigations in cases involving personal injuries such as electric shock or electrocution.

For more information on how an Electrical Forensic Engineer can support your file, contact us at: 1 888 762 4667 or email us at: pario@pario.ca.

Tara is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario, holding the P.Eng. designation, as well as the PMP designation from the Project Management Institute (PMI). She works with James Page, and Andy Brown, the Regional Manager for Western Canada and highly recognized electrical Forensic Engineer. Tara is based out of Pario’s Concord location but travels extensively to meet Pario’s growing client need.