Pario helps our contractor clients determine the root cause of any potential environmental concern so your project is completed safely and on time. We can tell you what your risks are and what that means for your work. When expertise is required to conduct your work safely, Pario can help.


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Asbestos Testing

There are a number of substances of concern when considering disturbing building materials. Proper assessment and management of risk are required to ensure worker safety and to reduce liability.  Examples of hazardous materials found in structures can include asbestos, lead, silica, benzene, or mercury.

A Designated Substance Survey will clarify the following:

  • Qualify if building materials contain dangerous substances;
  • Quantify the level of risk that is present;
  • Provide options to address the risks;
  • Removes potential fines from government enforcement agencies; and
  • Safeguards homeowners, occupants, workers, and the general public.

The Pario DSS Team is also experienced in:

  • Abatement procedures and protocols,
  • Pre-demolition inspection,
  • DSS Containment inspection,
  • Containment envelop integrity inspection, and
  • Documentation of the abatement completion.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

The presence and handling of designated substances may pose an increased health risk to workers and these substances may require special treatment if they are to be disturbed during work at a site.

Some provinces may refer to designated substances by other names such as toxic substances, hazardous substances, or chemical/biological substances. In addition, different areas may include other hazardous materials such as PCBs, CFCs, and mould.

Pario can assist clients with designated material concerns by:

  • Locating and identifying hazardous substances
  • Sampling suspect materials
  • Evaluating the hazard and level of risk
  • Developing a management or remedial plan to control the risk