Pario helps our corporate clients determine the root cause of system, material, building failures, environmental losses, documents liability determination, subrogation opportunities, and remediation to protect any and all assets. We can tell you what happened, and why. When expertise is required to safeguard your interests, Pario can help.


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Structural Damage

The experts at Pario’s structural department provide accurate and expeditious assessments of damage and determination of cause related to structural failures. Our practice includes structural failure analysis, material analysis, and building science evaluation. These services incorporate forensic structural engineering evaluations, the assessment and provision of remediation, and conducting building code consultations and/or investigations.

We facilitate cost-effective and expedited repairs. We also provide litigation support at appraisals and mediations, and expert testimony in court to assist in establishing a qualified and accurate structural scope of repair.

Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental Site Assessments are a process of intrusive and non-intrusive investigation and documenting potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities.

This is often done for property and financial transactions, as a part of due diligence, confirming the environmental condition of the property and its structures. These assessments typically address both the underlying land as well as physical conditions of the property and the neighbouring properties. We identify environmental concerns through a review of historical data, site inspection, subsurface investigation, identification of chemicals of concern, and development of a management plan to reduce and control the client’s risk.

Our additional services include but are not limited to:

  • Peer Review
  • Risk Analysis
  • Expert Witness
  • Regulatory Compliance and Communications

Failure Analysis

Fatigue, corrosion, overloading, and manufacturing defects are some of the top causes of component failure. Because pertinent information regarding manufacturing, processing, and service history is not always available, our assessments rely heavily on the experience of our engineers. Our team of experts excel at reverse engineering complex systems to determine failures, malfunction modes, and causes in virtually any type of loss. These assessments are completed on site when applicable and at our in-house laboratory. Assessments include the use of non-destructive, visual examinations, including Stereo and Optical Microscopy, and Scanning Electron Microscopy, to identify properties and failure modes of materials. We also engage the use of advanced software to identify fracture surface details and stress raisers such as machining marks, corrosion pits, and inclusions. Comparative situational tests on the component(s), functional inspections and testing can also be conducted.


The development and implementation of new products can be complex and costly. Our team of experts breaks down this process.

We provide laboratory and engineering support in the development of manufacturing processes for new products thanks to our in-depth understanding of product, procedure, and process specifications. Our laboratory and team of engineers aid in the development, as well as consultation, in the design and implementation of quality assurance systems and procedures. We also prepare your product to be certified by the applicable agency.

Electrical System Analysis

The electrical experts at Pario Engineering provide support in relation to low, medium & high voltage electrical equipment failures to determine root cause analysis, assessment of damage, subrogation, and litigation.

Our electrical practice includes experts across Canada with direct hands-on experience and knowledge of electrical fires, electrical failures, product manufacturing & installation deficiencies, high voltage equipment testing techniques, arc flash incidents, lightning strikes, electrocution, and electric shock.

Our experts have experience investigating electrical failures for the following:

  • power utilities including transmission, distribution & generation (hydro, nuclear, gas, coal, diesel, biomass and solar),
  • condominiums, residential properties, large industrial properties, universities, marinas, and hospitals.

Our electrical equipment knowledge covers transformers, cables, circuit breakers, switchgear, motors, generators, lightning & surge arresters, bus bars/ducts, motor control centers, batteries, and inverters, to name a few.

Our services incorporate forensic electrical investigations with engineering knowledge to relevant Canadian electrical codes, IEEE, CSA, NEMA, IEC, and other standards to support expert reporting and testimony to assist in establishing the scope, implications, and remedial action of any loss.