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24/7 Emergency Response Line 1 888 762 4667
1 888 762 4667
24/7 Emergency Response Line

Environmental - Pario Sciences Environmental Consulting

Pario is a full-service environmental consulting firm, specializing in site assessment, contaminated site remediation and hazardous materials identification and management. 

We offer a wide scope of services to manage environmental risk, reduce liability and improve safety. Additional services include hazardous waste reduction, groundwater investigation, mould identification, air quality testing, and environmental auditing.

We are ready to handle any environmental emergency with 24/7 emergency response anywhere in Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario. Pario, a division of SCM Insurance Services, serves a diverse range of clients, including financial institutions, property managers, the insurance industry, land developers, homeowners and the petroleum industry.  

Call 1.888.762.4667 for 24/7 response.