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24/7 Emergency Response Line 1 888 762 4667
1 888 762 4667
24/7 Emergency Response Line

Emergency Spill Response and Remediation


Commercial vehicle flipped over on its side. Can see its undercarriage

Pario has assembled one of Canada’s premier emergency response Consultant / Management teams. 

When an emergency occurs, you need a qualified consultant dispatched to the site that has your best interests in mind; ensures funds are used effectively, controls site activities to maximize contractor effectiveness, eliminates un-necessary costs and provides the necessary documentation to support subrogation. Costs due to improper equipment and manpower on site, not to mention excessive disposal costs can be eliminated by active and experienced management. Site decisions shouldn’t cost you unnecessary expense. Our experienced team has successfully handled hundreds of spill incidents; experience saves you claims dollars. Our team is consciously aware of your indemnity, exposure, and liability on a loss- claims specific actions that protect your interests.

Emergencies aside, Pario’s Consultant Team are also experts at extensive residential, commercial and select industrial contaminated site remediations.

Hydrocarbon (fuel) contamination, mercury, lead, food grade products, acids, caustics are a few of the chemicals which can cause environmental damage and concern. Whether due to an insurable loss or part of historical contamination, Pario has the expertise to perform an extensive site assessment and recommend the most cost effective plan for clean-up. Buildings, roads, and natural environments may complicate any contaminate clean up. Pario’s Team has the real on site experience to work with and around these obstacles to maintain the structural integrity and the natural environment as it pertains to the loss site.

All this experience at managing and remediating sites also equip our experts at providing peer reviews of subrogated claims, if you are presented with a claim review of both the approach and the associated costs.

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