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Permitting and Ecological Study


Water way with filter system including hay bails, rock gravel layers

Impact assessments include baseline studies as well as short and long-term monitoring programs to predict biological effects imposed by sector activities, particularly in aquatic environments (e.g., lakes, streams and wetlands).

Pario’s scientists have a solid understanding of aquatic ecosystems and how to assess impacts at the individual and community level. Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Fish and fish habitat assessment (serious harm)
  • Benthic invertebrate community surveys
  • Water sediment soil quality
  • Effluent and waste water characterization
  • Wetland assessments (identification, delineation and function)
  • Culvert replacements
  • Fish rescues
  • Impact assessments
  • Biological inventories (species at risk)
  • Compliance monitoring

We have considerable knowledge and experience with the permitting processes to kick-start any environmental project under federal, provincial and municipal regulations (i.e., Fisheries Act, SARA, CEAA 2012, Navigable Waters Act). Under regulatory compliance, Pario has been involved in monitoring the effectiveness of habitat mitigation or biological impacts to water courses downstream of mining, hydroelectric power generation, development or pulp and paper operations.


Surface and groundwater flow can have significant impacts on the creation and implementation of policies and plans by governments, developers (both public and private) and homeowners. Pario’s experts evaluate the interaction of water flow, bringing insight and understanding of the factors regulating wetlands, water supplies, drainage control, erosion, flooding, recreational activities, and identifying potential issues before they can become a problem. Where applicable we use models to simulate surface, groundwater and/or contaminate movement.

Despite a client’s best efforts, legal issues can arise. Pario professionals routinely provide expert opinions to lawyers and serve as expert witnesses at court, enabling judge and jury to make a decision using scientific information based on extensive professional experience and knowledge.

Impact Assessment of New Marina Development on Coastal Environment Impact Assessment of Upgrades to Irrigation Pond Wetland Surface Water Monitoring Within a Manmade Treatment Pond Following Land Development, Wetland Alteration Compensation Permitting Impact Assessment of Stream, Discovery of American Eel Deaths Water & Sediment Quality Monitoring Under Pit Expansion, Wetland Identification & Delineation Fish Rescue, Monitoring Implementation & Performance of Fish Pump