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Accident Reconstruction


Vehicle wreck

Insurance and legal firms need detailed reconstruction of recreational, motor vehicle and pedestrian/vehicle related accidents. Our engineering reconstructions and investigations are validated by the latest versions of computer reconstruction and simulation programs as well as our experience and expertise.

Today’s vehicles are continually becoming more intelligent and sophisticated with the utilization of computer technologies; speed and braking, air bag deployment, and steering are but a few of the pieces of data that can be extracted from these onboard computers as they pertain to an accident. This type of evidence along with, vehicle integrity and seat belt assessment, crash simulation analysis, mechanical failure and fitness assessments performed by our highly qualified Experts allow our team to produce cutting edge fact based reports, court ready for the insurance industry.


Biomechanics bridges the space between medical analysis, diagnosis and engineering accident reconstruction. It is a useful tool to examine whether injuries are congruent with the events and severity of an incident. The Biomechanist is uniquely qualified to assess injury potential, and link the mechanism of injury to the incident’s mechanical events. Our biomechanical analyses draw on the most recent, and relevant scientific knowledge in the areas of human injury mechanisms, thresholds, and prevention. We provide a “court ready” incident report. Pario’s research is also supported by a world-renowned chiropractic testing laboratory.


Pario conducts a full review of all the documentation, the accident reports, witness statements, the scientific literature and other related information and then determines the threshold of force and typical body movements in such an accident. Personal injury due to slips, trips and falls in both commercial and residential environments can be caused by lack of adherence to the building code, inadequate facility maintenance, and poor choice of footwear or possible fraud. We provide expertise in both preventative and post-fall assessments. Human injury is a common consequence of most slip and fall incidents.

The BOT 3000 Tribometer is commonly used as it tests slip resistance in relatively small areas such as stairs, showers and bathtubs. We can also test slip resistance using a variety of shoe sole materials under wet and dry conditions.

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