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24/7 Emergency Response Line 1 888 762 4667
1 888 762 4667
24/7 Emergency Response Line

Fire and Explosion Investigation


Brick housing complex with fire damage seen from outside

Pario’s fire and explosion investigators are qualified professionals and certified by internationally recognized institutions.

We are Experts in the investigation of vehicle, structure and industrial machinery fires to determine their cause and origin, our investigations are conducted in strict accordance with NFPA 921, “Guide for Fire & Explosion Investigations.”

Our Experts research supporting documentation, review vehicle maintenance and inspection histories to assess compliance with National Safety Code standards.

We also conduct forensic investigation and evaluation of building electrical systems, electrical and fuel fired appliances, vehicle electrical systems and mechanical systems to determine their root cause of failure as it pertains to a loss.

Assessment of building systems and their compliance with applicable codes and standards, including the following:

  • Ontario Fire Code
  • Ontario Building Code
  • CSA Standards (various)
  • CAN/ULC Standards (various)
  • Ontario Electrical Safety Code
  • NFPA Standards

The result of our investigations are accurate, in-depth, technical reports that can stand up to the most rigorous third party examination and scrutiny, a document backed by real expert experience and certification.

Building Fire Investigation Couch Fire Investigation Truck Fire Investigation Knox Church Lost to Fire House Fire Investigation