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Forensic Materials Testing & Evidence Protection/Storage


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The technology available at this facility helps Pario to perform the finest forensic investigations in the industry. Pario’s scientific equipment includes a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), which is housed at our GTA office. The Scanning Electron Microscope is a huge differentiator for Pario’s clients, as this equipment has several distinct advantages as compared to traditional microscope technology. In addition, the SEM provides a major cost savings for our clients as our experts no longer have to perform two examinations. In the past examinations would occur at one of the engineering offices and then would continue at a University for the use of an SEM. Now it can all be performed at Pario during one examination and our clients are not incurring travel costs for Pario staff to go to separate examinations.

Features of the SEM include: 

  • The capability to produce images of a sample by scanning it with a focused beam of electrons
  • Signals from the SEM which contain information about the sample’s surface topography and composition
  • The ONLY private forensic laboratory in the country with capability to handle materials other than metals without further processing.
  • A larger depth of field versus those used in many Universities, allowing for more of a specimen to be in focus at one time
  • The production of strikingly clear images
Pario’s other scientific equipment includes:
  • Portable digital energy dispersive X-ray (v) for non-destructive examination of failed products
  • Stereo and optical microscopes
  • Specimen preparation sectioning machines including cutters, polishers, and mounting presses for microscopic examinations of material grain structures for failure analysis
  • Photographic equipment including thermal and high resolution digital cameras to help identify heat leakage and moisture within wall cavities
  • Sump Pump Test Rig with data logging capabilities to identify installation or manufacturer defects
  • Material hardness testing (Rockwell and Brinell)

Pario’s evidence protection and storage facility for client assets is over 17,000 square feet. Pario’s facility enables valuable evidence, from small mechanical parts to large vehicles, to be securely stored onsite and easily accessible for examination. Pario’s facilities are protected by a 24 hour remotely accessible DVR camera system that is equipped with infrared night vision; evidence is electronically tracked and monitored to reduce the risk for clients.

In addition, data security of the photographs and reports prepared for our clients are ensured through our real time disaster recovery site.

Scanning Electron Microscopen Housed at Pario's Office Laboratory Microscope Pario State of the Art Laboratory Laboratory Assessment Microscopic Evidence Examination