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1 888 762 4667
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Structural and Civil Engineering


House damaged. Roof missing

The experts at Pario’s structural department provide accurate and expeditious assessment of damage and determination of cause related to structural failures.

Our practice includes structural failure analysis, material analysis, geotechnical engineering and building science evaluation. These services involve:

Forensic structural engineering evaluations and structural analysis on the cause of structural failures and sustained damages to buildings, bridges and miscellaneous free standing structures, including compliance to structural engineering sciences, to industry/trade standards and building codes. Preparation of the required specifications and drawings for demolition and reconstruction or retrofit of affected structures. Theoretical and hands-on knowledge of processing of various metals.

Assessment and provision of remediation (including new structural design, if required) of property damages caused by fires, explosions, wind and/or snow loads, various types of impacts, vibrations, ground movements and water/moisture infiltrations.

Building code consultations or/and investigations, including cases related to the Code compliance of stairs, sidewalks, handrails, guardrails, walking surfaces, roof ventilation, and integrity of the structures and building envelopes. Working with lawyers on files that entered litigation procedures.

We facilitate cost effective and expedited repairs. We also provide litigation support at appraisals and mediations, and expert testimony in court to assist in establishing a qualified and accurate structural scope of repair.

Structural Load Failure Structural Brick Failure Structural Damages Due to Wind & Lightening Structural Integrity Analysis due to Fire Structural Underpining