Pario helps insurance claims professionals determine the root cause of system, material, and building failures, environmental losses, document liability determination, subrogation opportunities, and remediation. We can tell you what happened, and why. When expertise is required to solve your claim quickly and accurately, Pario can help.


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Motor Vehicle Collision

Insurance and legal firms need detailed reconstruction of recreational, motor vehicle and pedestrian/vehicle related accidents. We extract data from a vehicle’s onboard computer, determine vehicle integrity, perform seat belt assessments, and conduct crash simulation analysis, as well as mechanical failure and fitness assessments. Our engineering reconstructions and investigations are validated by the latest versions of computer reconstruction and simulation programs as well as our experience and expertise.

Fire and Explosion

Certified by internationally recognized institutions, our experts in vehicle, structure, and industrial machinery fires determine cause and origin. These investigations are conducted in accordance with NFPA 921, “Guide for Fire & Explosion Investigations.” We also conduct forensic investigation and evaluation of building electrical systems, electrical and fuel fired appliances, vehicle electrical systems and mechanical systems to determine their root cause of failure as it pertains to a loss. The result of our investigations are accurate, in-depth, technical reports that can stand up to the most rigorous third-party examination and scrutiny, a document backed by real expert experience and certification.

Product Failure

Fatigue, corrosion, overloading and manufacturing defects are some of the top causes for component failure. Because pertinent information regarding manufacturing, processing, and service history is not always available, our assessments rely heavily on the experience of our engineers. Our team of experts excel at reverse engineering complex systems to determine failures, malfunction modes, and causes in virtually any type of loss. These assessments are completed on site when applicable and at our on-site laboratory. Assessments include the use of non-destructive visual examinations including Stereo Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscope, and Optical Microscopy to identify properties and failure modes of materials. We also engage the use of advanced software to identify fracture surface details and stress raisers such as machining marks, corrosion pits and inclusions. Comparative situational tests on the component(s), Functional Inspections and Testing can also be conducted.

Emergency Spill Response

When an emergency occurs, you need a qualified consultant dispatched to the site that has your best interests in mind; ensures funds are used effectively, controls site activities to maximize contractor effectiveness, eliminates un-necessary costs and provides the necessary documentation to support subrogation. Costs due to improper equipment and manpower on site, not to mention excessive disposal costs can be eliminated by active and experienced management. Site decisions shouldn’t cost you unnecessary expense. Our experienced team has successfully handled hundreds of spill incidents; experience saves you claims dollars. Our team is consciously aware of your indemnity, exposure, and liability on a loss- claims specific actions that protect your interests.

Emergencies aside, Pario’s Consultant Team are also experts at extensive residential, commercial and select industrial contaminated site remediations.

Personal Injury

Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanics bridges the space between medical analysis, diagnosis, and engineering accident reconstruction. It is a useful tool to examine whether injuries are congruent with the events and severity of an incident. The Biomechanist is uniquely qualified to assess injury potential and link the mechanism of injury to the incident’s mechanical events. Our biomechanical analyses draw on the most recent, and relevant scientific knowledge in the areas of human injury mechanisms, thresholds, and prevention. We provide a “court ready” incident report.

Slip, Trip & Fall

Pario conducts a full review of all the documentation, the accident reports, witness statements, the scientific literature and other related information and then determines the threshold of force and typical body movements in such an accident. Personal injury due to slips, trips and falls in both commercial and residential environments can be caused by lack of adherence to the building code, inadequate facility maintenance, and poor choice of footwear or possible fraud. We provide expertise in both preventative and post-fall assessments. Human injury is a common consequence of most slip and fall incidents.

The BOT 3000 Tribometer is commonly used as it tests slip resistance in relatively small areas such as stairs, showers and bathtubs. We can also test slip resistance using a variety of shoe sole materials under wet and dry conditions.

Structural Damage

The experts at Pario’s structural department provide accurate and expeditious assessment of damage and determination of cause related to structural failures. Our practice includes structural failure analysis, material analysis, geotechnical engineering and building science evaluation. These services incorporate forensic structural engineering evaluations, the assessment and provision of remediation, and conducting building code consultations and/or investigations.

We facilitate cost effective and expedited repairs. We also provide litigation support at appraisals and mediations, and expert testimony in court to assist in establishing a qualified and accurate structural scope of repair.

Water Damage

The right conditions for mould growth include the absence of UV light, high moisture, and the lack of ventilation. Many moulds will grow over a wide temperature range while others prefer either hot or cold environments. Most of the moulds encountered in residential and commercial sites flourish at temperatures within the human comfort range.

Because of the ease with which mould spores spread and the possible health implications, mould should only be removed using approved widely accepted removal technics under the guidance of a Qualified Mould Remediation Consultant. Pario’s team has remediated hundreds of residential and commercial sites with the co-operation of numerous independent remediation contractors.

Whether the mould growth is a result of a covered Insurance loss or just occurring due to the existence of the right circumstances, Pario can provide the following services:

  • Inspect and provide opinions based on visual observations
  • Sample the affected areas to identify the types of moulds present
  • When excessive mould presence is confirmed, provide recommendations for abatement procedures for remediation
  • Provide supervision to ensure that appropriate abatement protocols are engaged and followed
  • Provide visual and air clearance inspection and sampling, and surface sampling (if necessary) to confirm that the mould has been affectively remediated

In addition to mould, water can also cause structural failure (link back) such as pipe corrosion, the origin and cause of which can be determined by our team.