Pario helps our legal clients determine the root cause of system, material, building failures, environmental losses, documents liability, subrogation opportunities, and remediation to provide defensible court-ready reports. We can tell you what happened, and why. When expertise is required to complete your report or prepare your case expediently and knowledgeably, Pario can help.


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Expert Witness

In many instances, our investigations contribute extensively to court proceedings, and as such, our team conducts and documents these investigations thoroughly and through a legal lens. Many of our team members are called upon to serve as expert witnesses and offer strong, evidence-based determinations that stand up to scrutiny.

We can provide expert testimony bolstered by technical resources that help provide a clear stated objective and consultative advice. We take these cases as seriously as you do, and that commitment is reflected in our work.

Peer Review & Subrogation

Pario’s team of environmental scientists reviews completed work by other consulting firms and contractors. Our team of scientists review all of the total costs incurred and methodology used confirming that it was fair and reasonable to the type of spill and remediation.

Pario’s team of engineers investigates whether subrogation is worth pursuing by determining the cause of a defect, and failure. By avoiding over and above expenditure as a result of subrogation, our experts control your indemnity, exposure, and liability.

Accident Reconstruction

Legal firms need detailed reconstruction of motor vehicle, pedestrian/vehicle, and recreational vehicle-related accidents. We extract data from a vehicle’s onboard computer, determine vehicle integrity, perform seat belt assessments, conduct crash simulation analysis, as well as mechanical failure and fitness assessments. Our engineering reconstructions and investigations are validated by our experienced experts and the latest technology, computer reconstruction, and simulation programs.

Electrical System Analysis

When electrical equipment is damaged or fails, you need skilled experts to determine the cause, assess damages, and provide mitigation options for rapid and cost-effective recovery.

Our Electrical Engineers have decades of experience working with electrical failures causing personal injuries, property damages, equipment damages, business interruptions, and system shutdowns.

We provide a wide variety of consulting services, such as:

  • Forensic Investigations / Root Cause Analysis
  • Design Review for Efficiency and Code Compliance
  • Onsite Inspections for Equipment Assessment
    • Installation/Maintenance Deficiency
    • Impact Assessment of Arc Flash, Lightning Strikes
    • Affected by Fire, Water, Flood, and/or Heat
    • Code Compliance (IEEE, CSA, NEMA, MTS, ETS, NEC, IEC, UL, Building Codes, Transmission Distribution Codes, Utility Poles, etc.)
  • Remediation Support, Design, and/or Project Management
  • Identification and Support for Subrogation Opportunities
  • Expert Witness in Arbitration and Litigation

Pario’s electrical professionals work with low to high voltage systems and utilize hands-on experience, engineering knowledge, scientific principles, and the application of codes and standards. These skills help us determine the root causes of electrical failures, solve electrical issues, and improve the safety and operational life expectancy of electrical plants.

Electrical Equipment Supported:

  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Low, Medium and High Voltage Systems
  • Transformers, Switchgear, Power Cables, Circuit Breakers, BUS Bars/Ducts, and MCCs
  • Motors, Generators (Emergency, Gas, Diesel), and Gas Turbines
  • Renewable Energy Systems (Wind Turbine, Solar Panels)

Pario has experience investigating electrical systems failures involving power generation, transmission, and distributions systems. Examples include office buildings, hotels, malls, farms, condominiums, warehouses, universities, hospitals, airports, subways, and utilities. Pario has saved clients millions of dollars through their involvement in investigations and remediation processes.

Pario’s engineers are well-known and respected within the technical community, and they actively assist in the development of North American electrical standards.

Pario Engineering & Environmental Sciences aims to provide a cost-effective solution to support your needs. For more information, please contact one of our many offices. We’re here to help.