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Case Studies - Pario Sciences

Wind Uplift Effects on Buildings

Wind Uplift Effects on Buildings: A Case Study. Pario Report, Toronto, Canada, March 2012.

Pario was involved in a case of wind uplift damage.

This paper will discuss the identification of the cause and the reconstruction of the building to the requirements of the 2005 National Building Code of Canada (NBCC). The case is noteworthy because the damage occurred to a brand new aircraft hangar that was designed and constructed in 2008; the building was exposed to about only half of the design wind loading; and, the building had to be repaired and commissioned back to service as soon as possible.

Download Full Case Study (PDF)

Vehicle Fires on Highways

Highway Vehicle Fires. Pario Report, Ontario, Canada April 2010.

The vehicle fires on highway case study explores the reasons why these fires occurs and preventative measures

The highway vehicle fires case study discusses the prevalence of highway vehicle fires and preventative ways to decrease the alarming number of vehicle fires that occur each year. A thorough examination of a site where a fire occurred, on the side of a highway, yields useful data to determine the cause and ways in which such tragedies can be prevented.

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Oil Spill Forensics

Oil Spill Forensics. Pario Report, Ontario, Canada, December 2009.

The Oil Spill Case discusses the problem and solutions to minimize the impact of oil spills

Oil spills continue to occur at an alarming rate despite improved regulations, standards and Ontario laws. Environmental oil impact statistics are maintained by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and the TSSA. In 2008, over 5,000 spills occurred in Ontario. Approximately 46% of these spills affected land, and spills to water numbered over 1,030.

Download Full Case Study (PDF)

Accident Reconstruction

At the Forefront of Accident Reconstruction: Forward Thinking, Backwards Compatibility. Pario Report, Toronto, Canada, June 2009.

The accident reconstruction case study discusses the progress of minimizing motor vehicle accidents.

Since 1980, worldwide vehicle manufacturers and roadway designers have made many advances in safety and have been able to reduce collision fatalities by approximately 50% of their 1980 value. A Transport Canada study showed that this reduction value was approximately 30% for Canadian motor vehicle fatalities over the past 20 years. At this rate, Canada would only near eradicating motor vehicle accidents by the mid twenty-fifth century!

Download Full Case Study (PDF)

Accident reconstruction / the black box

Accident Reconstruction: The Infamous Black Box – Not So Black and White. Pario Report. Toronto, Ontario, July 2008.

The black box case study explores the differences between a FDR and a EDR

“Black Box” is a term used in the Aerospace industry describing a module called the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and is typically found in the tail section for obvious reasons. The Flight Data Recorder is usually painted bright orange (not black) and is designed to withstand intense heat and pressures.

Download Full Case Study (PDF)

Accident Reconstruction / Software

Accident Reconstruction: The Latest Software and Studies. Pario Report, Ontario, Canada, July 2007.

Advanced Accident Reconstruction and 3D Accident Simulation Software are some of the most powerful and technically advanced accident simulation software programs available to date. It is recognized by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and is also constantly being improved and updated. PC Crash allows an engineer to vary every critical detail in order to accurately simulate any accident involving any combination of cars, trucks, trailers, pedestrians, cyclists or even fixed objects such as trees or barriers.

Download Full Case Study (PDF)

Accident Reconstruction / The Impact of Light Bulbs 

More commonly known as burnout. Over time the filament in a bulb will become pitted and thinner due to a chemical process that occurs.

Download Full Case Study (PDF)

Moisture Control in Buildings

Moisture Control Within Buildings. Pario Report, Ontario, Canada, October 2003.

This case study discusses how to limit moisture in structures

Moisture migration into a building can occur anywhere between the basement level and roof level. The moisture migration can be in the form of bulkwater or water vapour. Both bulkwater and water vapour will travel through apertures in the building envelope. Water vapour can also diffuse through building materials that form the building envelope.

Download Full Case Study (PDF)

Accident Reconstruction / Lawnmower Injury

A young claimant suffered significant injuries as a result of having her bare feet exposed to a turning riding lawn tractor blade.Our client acted on behalf of the defendant, the owner and operator of the riding lawn tractor.

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Subrogation Support / Tank Spill 

A transport truck driver stopped for lunch unaware that a saddle tank was leaking. An Emergency Response Contractor was called to the scene to prevent the flow of diesel before it exceeded the boundaries of the pavement. Samples from the under the pavement were taken, and the consultant intimated that lube or hydraulic oil may have leaked, rather than diesel.

Pario was assigned to determine the impact from the alleged release and to comment on the approach and costs of the remediation. Learn the process they followed and the methodologies they employed.

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Subrogation Support / Gas Station Spill

At a retail gas station that had operated for more than 40 years and had a history of spills and hydrocarbon impacts, the insured, who had done some tank maintenance at the top of one of the underground gasoline tanks, was accused of causing a release via a damaged gasket at the top of one tank.

It fell to Pario to review site conditions to determine if a release in fact occurred. Read more about their methodology, the ensuing investigation, and the settlement of the claim.

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