COVID-19 Response Centre

Industrial Hygienists play a key role in your fight against COVID-19. An industrial hygienist is sometimes called an occupational hygienist. They are qualified to assess hazards, risk potential, and the appropriate methods of prevention and control. This Response Centre is dedicated to educating you on what you need to know.

Do you know your organization's level of risk?

As COVID-19 continues to change the way we work, providing a clean and disinfected workspace is paramount to the safety and security of your business.

What's a thorough clean? Get your money's worth. Get it done right.

In these times of great uncertainty, it can feel like guidelines and best practices shift and change daily. Indeed, when it comes to cleaning workplaces, there is no formal certification, no government oversight, and little true understanding of how to judge the cleanliness of a space.

How an Environmental Hygienist evaluates a worksite

An Industrial Hygienist, like the experts in the Pario Engineering & Environmental Sciences Environmental Hygiene Team, helps to determine your site’s level of risk.

An Evironmental Hygienist - Your worksite's best defence against COVID-19

A Registered Industrial Hygienist works to provide valuable assistance at all stages of assessment and abatement of pathogen decontamination, and has the knowledge, competence and experience required to provide sound guidance.

Best Guidelines for Pathogen Abatement

So how clean is clean? As with the COVID-19 pandemic itself, there is misinformation and uncertainty regarding the real and perceived risks associated with the cleaning and disinfection of workplaces.