When knowing matters.

Pario helps our transportation clients determine the root cause of any motor vehicle incidents to get you back on the road. Our experts have over 100 years of combined experience and provide coverage across Canada.

When a motor vehicle accident occurs in your industry, the scale and scope of damage requires specific expertise to not only analyze the incident, but to provide recommendations going forward. Our Canadian team has that expertise. Beginning with an examination of the vehicle, we document and analyze all possible contributing factors to the accident and couple that with any information gleaned from police reports or witness to the incident. The accident is then reconstructed in detail to affirm or contradict our initial findings. Our quick but thorough response ensures we get you the information you need quickly and cost-effectively.


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Emergency Spill Response

When a spill occurs, time is of the essence and you need a qualified expert dispatched to the site. Pario’s team of environmental professionals have your best interests in mind. We manage funds cost-effectively, controlling site activities to maximize contractor effectiveness, eliminating unnecessary costs, and providing the necessary documentation to support file closure and subrogation, when necessary. Costs due to improper equipment and manpower on site, not to mention excessive disposal costs, can be reduced and even eliminated by active and experienced management. Site decisions shouldn’t cost you unnecessary expense. Our experienced team has successfully handled thousands of spill incidents; experience saves you claims dollars. Our team is consciously aware of your indemnity, exposure, and liability on loss-claims specific actions that protect your interests.

Emergencies aside, Pario’s environmental team are also experts at extensive residential, commercial, and select industrial contaminated site remediations.

Accident Reconstruction

Today’s vehicles are becoming more intelligent and sophisticated with the utilization of computer technologies; speed and braking, airbag deployment, and steering inputs are but a few of the pieces of data that can be extracted from these onboard computers as they pertain to an accident. This type of evidence along with vehicle integrity and seat belt assessments, crash simulation analysis, mechanical failure, and fitness assessments performed by our highly qualified experts allow our team to produce cutting-edge fact-based reports, court-ready for your industry.

Brake Failure

Fatigue, corrosion, and manufacturing defects are some of the top causes of brake failure. Because pertinent information regarding manufacturing, processing, and service history is not always available, our assessments rely heavily on the experience of our engineers. Our team of experts excel at reverse engineering complex systems to determine failures, malfunction modes, and causes in virtually any type of loss. These assessments are completed on site when applicable and at our in-house laboratory. Assessments include the use of non-destructive, visual examinations, including Stereo and Optical Microscopy, and Scanning Electron Microscopy, to identify properties and failure modes of materials.