Our Facility & Technologies

Pario’s facility enables valuable evidence, from small mechanical parts to large vehicles, to be securely stored onsite and easily accessible for examination. Pario’s facilities are protected by a 24 hour remotely accessible DVR camera system that is equipped with infrared night vision; evidence is electronically catalogued and tracked, which allows us to locate evidence quickly.  


All investigation details and scientific analysis is documented in a detailed report that can be verified by expert opinion and withstand the test of a serious legal challenge. This meticulous and exhaustive process is carried out by on-site visits where applicable, and/or at our on-site laboratory. Our engineering assessments include the use of non-destructive visual examinations including Stereo and Optical Microscopy, as well as Scanning Electron Microscopy, to identify properties and failure modes of materials. We also engage the use of advanced software to identify fracture surface details and stress raisers such as machining marks, corrosion pits and inclusions. Comparative situational tests on the component(s), functional inspections and testing can also be conducted, tracked, and monitored to provide our clients with a clear understanding of the failure mechanism and thus reducing the risk to our clients.


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Scanning Electron Microscope

The technology available at our facility helps Pario to perform the finest forensic investigations in the industry. Pario’s scientific equipment includes a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), which is housed at our GTA office. The Scanning Electron Microscope is an enormous differentiator for Pario’s clients, as this equipment has several distinct advantages as compared to traditional microscope technology. In addition, the SEM provides a major cost savings for our clients as our experts are no longer required to schedule examinations with an external facility.  In the past, examinations would occur at one of the engineering offices and then would continue at a University for the use of an SEM. Now it can all be performed at Pario during one examination and our clients are not incurring travel costs for expert staff to go to an additional examination.

Our Scanning Electron Microscope saves cost for our clients and time for our experts. Features of our Scanning Electron Microscope include:

  • The capability to produce images of a sample by scanning it with a focused beam of electrons
  • Signals from the SEM which contain information about the sample’s surface topography and composition
  • A larger depth of field versus those used in many Universities, allowing for more of a specimen to be in focus at one time
  • The production of strikingly clear images

3D Laser Scanner

Our team of engineers and environmental scientists use this tool for motor vehicle reconstruction, the surveying of any size residential or commercial property, and environmental site assessments. The FARO 3D scanner gives us a permanent record of the subject area down to the millimetre. This precise 3D analysis allows our team to measure and analyze data with the greatest clarity possible, thereby ensuring the correct results and expediting reconstruction processes. This new technology is being utilized by police investigators across North America and provide courts with comprehensive, accurate and unchallengeable reports

Portable X-ray

This portable X-ray device can be used on site at any scene or investigation. The Portable X-ray is used for non-destructive testing for product failures. Our other scientific equipment includes:

  • Stereo and optical microscopes
  • Specimen preparation sectioning machines including cutters, polishers, and mounting presses for microscopic examinations of material grain structures for failure analysis
  • Photographic equipment including thermal and high-resolution digital cameras to help identify heat leakage and moisture within wall cavities
  • Sump Pump Test Rig with data logging capabilities to identify installation or manufacturer defects
  • Material hardness testing (Rockwell and Brinell)