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Pario helps insurance claims professionals determine the root cause of system, material, and building failures, environmental losses, document liability determination, subrogation opportunities, and remediation.

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Pario helps our transportation clients determine the root cause of any motor vehicle incidents to get you back on the road. Our experts have over 100 years of combined experience and provide coverage across Canada.

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Pario helps our corporate clients determine the root cause of system, material, building failures, and environmental losses, and documents liability determination, subrogation opportunities and remediation to protect any and all assets.

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Pario helps our contractor clients determine the root cause of any potential environmental concern in order to ensure your project is completed safely and on time. We can tell you what your risks are, and what that means for your work. When expertise is required to conduct your work safely, Pario can help.

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The Scanning Electron Microscope produces strikingly clear images. It has a larger depth of field versus those used in many Universities, allowing for more of a specimen to be in focus at one time.


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Edward (Eddie) Deveau
Senior Fire Investigator and Forensic Engineer, Western Canada

Eddie is a seasoned fire investigator and forensic engineer, with over 11 years combined working in the Military and Forensic Investigation, managing and undertaking fire, failure analysis, and engineering investigations on industrial, commercial, residential, and vehicles losses.

Pario experts identify defects in manufacturing equipment, electrical systems, and fuel-fired appliances, or determine other sources of damage, such as fatigue, corrosion, or overloading.

Located in the Calgary office, Eddie can provide expertise for investigation, subrogation, and litigation support directly to clients across Western Canada.

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Edward Deveau

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Our ParioQuantify service helps insurers, brokers, and adjusters control indemnity spend for all types of partial and total loss property damage.

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